J Penen & Co NV is formed in 1957. Initially the range of its products consists mainly of bolts for the shipbuilding industry, harbour, bridge and tunnel construction but soon J Penen & Co NV expands its production to other threaded fasteners. In the early 80’s the production of threaded rods becomes more important and the export opportunities increase, first the Netherlands and Germany and later other countries in Western and Eastern Europe. Today export account for 95 % of its turnover. In the 90’s J Penen & Co NV specializes more and more in the production of threaded rods in stainless steel and this results today in a leading position in the European market. Thanks to 38 highly motivated employees, constant investments and great attention to quality J Penen & Co NV has built up a permanent and continuously growing clientele that guarantees the sales of 10.000 MT threaded rods per year.